WEEK 3: EXP EXPerience Journey – What did you say?!!!! This information is almost dangerous for me to have!!!!

Dated: 03/03/2019

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As everything is all set up for me to generate my own online leads through my own SEO optimized website with property searches (IDX) and landing and squeeze pages.  After lead capture, the system automatically transfers the new contacts directly to my database (CRM) and sets them on automatic campaigns and behavior-based tasks that intelligently reminds me to follow up with them and keep up with clients in my KV Core Smart CRM. All that is one place with one login. Yes! That works for me!

Next what I will write about is information is almost dangerous for me to have!!!!  Referral Network of over 16,000 agents all over the country that refer buyers and sellers in our Facebook-powered Workplace. What did you say?!!!!  EXP Facebook Workplace here I come! Within a week several agents interviewed me and I interviewed them as well and I set up referral funnels with some of the top agents in the area that serve other nearby cities then I do. I also made my presence known in our thousands of agents’ network posting referrals of buyer and sellers LIVE. I have to say I got a bit busier than I thought I would.

I have never felt more connected to the top performers in real estate that are my colleagues and are within a reach in my system.  I also texted back and forth with one of my idols Bret G that has hundreds or maybe even thousands now of agents under him. Cannot wait to meet him in person to get his advice. Wait for a second! I almost wonder why he has taken the time to connect with me. Hey! I know why because EXP is AGENT-OWNED and he wants me to do well so our company does better as well and ultimately is impacting him and his team.  A brilliant model I have to say!

Here is an announcement for those of you reading this Blog. I am starting soon searching for a Buyer’s Agent to my team Sunshine Search Agents to help me with new leads and referrals that I generate. If you do not want to join my team and create your own within EXP I will be very encouraging as well as your Sponsor. Whatever suits your business goals. Do the best thing for YOU!

EXP is very transparent about commission splits, fees, stock options to the company for agents, technology offered,  to help agents make an informed decision. This link will take you to detailed information that I prepared about EXP for agents https://bit.ly/2TSpTmc

Please always feel free to call 843-368-4058 or email me pawelek.kasia@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to have a cappuccino with me and learn more about my experience. No pressure at all and I will not say anything to anyone is you contact me. I do not even drink at social events anymore because I hold so many secrets. 

Best wishes!
Kasia Pawelek

Stay tuned!!! https://kasiapawelek.exprealty.com/blog.php

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