Week 5: EXP EXPerience Journey – Learning from Top & Multi-Million Dollar Agents

Dated: 03/22/2019

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I know this week blog is a little bit delayed. I had a game-changing moment in my business happening this week that I will share in just a few days. Cannot wait to make this announcement!

Let me be honest with you, and I may brag a little about myself in this blog. I have not shared that about myself even with those of you that know me because I just do not like bragging and in the conversation, I like to focus on YOU and the things that I relevant to whoever I am talking with. This time however I think it is relevant. I feel a bit embarrassed, but here you go. Being an award-winning mentor, researcher, & teacher in different states, I am very self-conscious and critical of mentoring programs and any training sessions in efforts to continuously improve them and provide excellent quality. I have high expectations, and with a big smile on my face, I can recognize a lie from far away. Wow, this is more personal then I wanted to share, but since you are taking the time to read my blog, I want to be real.

Over the past few weeks, I have been obsessed with eXp training that is both on-demand and there are hours of the daily live session. I watched, took notes, and implemented already many ideas into my business which are just a drop in a bucket. Where else you can ask million-dollar top producing agents questions, and they respond live to you? Where can you receive advise for thousands of agents that want you to do well because it positively impacts their business? Where else you have quality and practical training on demand available within clicks at any time? I made a promise to myself to spend every day an hour on training, take notes and right away implement an idea. With honesty, I can tell you that eXp Realty training is a REAL DEAL! As a result of it, I have so many things coming out soon that I had no idea that I was capable of doing and that even existed.

Here is a VIDEO with details on on-demand training and live sessions. 

Please always feel free to call 843-368-4058 or email me pawelek.kasia@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about my experience. No pressure at all and I will not say anything to anyone if you contact me.

This link will take you to detailed information that I prepared about EXP for agents. EXP is very transparent about commission splits, fees, stock options to the company for agents, technology offered, to help agents make an informed decision.

Best wishes!
Kasia Pawelek

Stay tuned!!! 

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