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Dated: February 22 2021

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My husband Todd and I are dedicated to YOU!  We function as a team: #2for1forU! He has the experience and I bring the energy-but there's more for you!  Full time since 2004, Todd has seen it all, or nearly so! I joined in early 2018 after concluding our homeschooling journey with our 4 guys. We are relatively new to Hilton Head as mold issues drove our move for better health.  My background as an RN has been especially helpful when health concerns drive your real estate needs. We've devoted an intense 6 months to discover the Low Country and truly love it more daily!  We have focused our research on communities and systematically understanding the appeals of the variety of opportunities in the area.  We love serving all clients: listening to YOUR hopes and plans drives us to find the best ways to tailor our real estate service for YOU.  

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