Week 1: EXP EXPerience Journey - get to know Kasia on a personal level

Dated: 02/17/2019

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Hey everyone! This is my very first blog, which is so exciting for me! I wanted to share with you my journey in a cloud-based brokerage - EXP Realty. I have a lot of experience in academic writing, having written numerous scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, posts, and hundreds of pages of professional proposals. Why have I not written my personal experiences before? Well, the truth is my life has always moved at a very fast-pace, it has been filled with excitement and passion for life and by the time I sit down to write I was already onto another thing and everything became old news. Maybe.  Or perhaps I was just more comfortable writing technical reports than my own diary. You decide. Why now? One of the main reasons is that many of you are wondering what is a cloud-based brokerage and how to start and build a successful real estate business? For those of you who know me personally, you know that I always do tons of research before I make a choice (that’s a science geek coming out from me).  Another reason I want to document this journey with this innovative technology so we can learn together as we go because there is a lot of useful tools. This blog is about one week’s retrospective. I will share my honest feedback, challenges, successes, and fun moments.

First, let me get started with thanking everyone at my previous agency. I have worked in Carl Schroeder Team, and yes, I did ask Carl for his blessing. I have received it before I made a change.  Carl and I are very close friends and he knew that it is time for me to spread my wings. He is the best human being I have ever known and he taught me not only everything that I know in real estate but also how to live my life with confidence and without regret. Love this man forever! Will make you proud! My cat Puma also loves you!

I met Lori Bee, my new Broker, and a cat lady, sometime when I was accompanying Carl to one of the REALTOR meetings. I came to hear a lot about Lori and her integrity, honesty, and a big heart in the community. I was so glad that she found the time to meet with me and spend a few hours answering tons of questions after I spent nights looking into EXP Realty.  After countless hours of not sleeping, the answer was crystal clear –  I am in! Here is my journey with new techy stuff that is unbelievable. I cannot wait for you to learn it along with me.

Kasia is joining EXP WORLD virtual meeting space that looks at first like a SIMS game. What!? I build my avatar, why did I choose her to look somewhat like my true self, I don’t know. Haha, I will change it next time. I entered the ‘world’ and so the whole bunch of agents talking with each other in groups, walking fast to some kind of meetings and entering buildings. What is going on… I stood there like a lost puppy with my avatar. I even walked into some agents’ avatars to my embarrassment. Well, it is my first visit and I have not played any games in over 15 years.  Suddenly two agents started a conversation with me and asked me if I am new to EXP and where I would like to go. One of them was from California and the other from Florida. I asked how long there have been in business and one said over 30 years full-time and the other about 5. I said you must be both of those million-dollar agents. They laughed and one humbly confirmed and both welcomed me. I asked them a few more questions and exchanged contact with them. Are you kidding me?! I can just network with all these people and ask them questions?! Unbelievable!!! Maybe next time I will meet my idol Brian with Team BC in California. That would be so cool! I signed up for an orientation and tour of the ‘campus’. The orientation was in a big hall and hundreds of agents were in the audience from all over the country. The presentation was amazing, you could ask voice questions and raise your hand and chat all at the same time. The material was projected and it was just like having someone talking in front of you. Honestly, it blew my mind! They explained that EXP World can be used for meetings, networking (just like I already did), hundreds of life and on-demand classes, and hear a big one for any technical, accounting, and transaction support. Really? I wonder how does that work?! Fully impressed with that presentation I joined the ‘campus’ tour. I went to different buildings even kicked a soccer ball on a field with another new agent to EXP from North Carolina. You can either walk or teleport to different buildings within a second then you take a ticket by the building entrance let’s say for a ‘Technical problem’ and someone specializing and know intently more about this issue and beyond it will help you in a matter of few minutes. I tried it a few times in different offices and every time the staff was super quick to help me and always knew how to solve the problem. WOW!!! Being an impatient person such as myself, I was impressed.  At any time during the business hours I can either come to the ‘world’ for a specialist to assist me in minutes or watch tons of tutorials that are available on-demand and live as well as discussion board about specific topics with hundreds or thousands of agents participating, and it was all within a reach of few clicks. I love it!  

I made a commitment to myself to learn every tool that the company offers and share my experience with you. I cannot believe that all that technology and so much more is accessible for $50 per month. Last time I checked all this technology would cost me way over $1,300 per month if I wanted to get it on my own. Below I will share the schedule of their fees and commissions splits. Being a geeky math and science person, this was a no- brainer to join the company from that standpoint as well.

I cannot wait to tell you what happened this week. It is so unbelievable what happened that it brought me to tears of joy. I usually cry when I am sad but this is a very rare moment when these were the actual tears of joy me staring at the screen of the computer and being so stunned and amazed (how strange right? - I think I got your curiosity). Stay tuned!!!

Comment below if you would like me to post a video of inside the EXP World, or if you have any questions about it. Have a great week everyone!

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I also took a little swim for fun and I will be honest I could not figure out how to get onto the pirate ship in the 'EXP World'. I saw other agents on it. I need to earn my spot among them. Probably there were thinking why is this girl walking around the ship and not getting on board haha

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